Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gift giving - a subtle blessing

For thousands of years, giving a gift was a way to show gratitude and affection towards another person; even if they had nothing to give in return. It was the satisfaction of knowing that you brightened someones day that made it all worth while.. a blessing even. A blessing that is not only for the giver, but for the receiver as well. How many things in life do you know of that is a complete win-win situation for everyone involved??

One of the most underrated cliches I think I've ever heard has got to be "it's the thought that counts". Mostly because a lot of people have gotten to the point where if something doesn't manifest from that thought, who cares about it? While that may not be the majority out there, I've certainly run across a few myself (you know who you are!). :-)

Unfortunately what they are not realizing is that thought no matter whether it produced anything tangible or not took time and energy to create. Even if someone took just a split second out of their day to think of that gift they wanted to give you, but for some reason couldn't. They didn't have to take that moment to think of you or anything they might want to give in the first place. But they did.

So the next time you say "it's the thought that counts" as just a way of making someone feel better for not actually giving you that gift .. take a second and think to yourself that maybe, just maybe that thought really did count after all.

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